Sunday, December 03, 2023

RPP #216 Dan Lenard of World Voices

  • Interview with Dan Lenard, President of World Voices, the only non-profit international industry trade organization for voice actors. We discuss:
    • The importance of finding the right voice to help create engaging elearning courses
      Dan Lenard
    • Voice actors' role in conveying complex information, cultural literacy, and sounding natural
    • Advocating for faculty to enhance teaching skills with a good audio setup, emphasizing a human touch
    • The delicate balance of editing to maintain a natural, human-sounding voice
    • AI voice synthesis, downplaying its threat to professional voice actors
    • Benefits of professional voiceover in higher education, recommending proper recording techniques
    • New classroom technology in lecture capture, wireless body mics  
    • Podcasting basics and the importance of proper recording technique

Duration: 40:10

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