Wednesday, October 28, 2020

COVID-CONVERTED EDITION #4: Interview with Dr. Sian Beilock

This special COVID-Converted Edition audio and video podcast series responds to the impact of COVID-19 on the way we live, learn, and work. Teachers all over the world have been thrown into teaching their "COVID-Converted" courses online. This series will focus on moving from this emergency remote teaching and learning to more thoughtfully prepared online learning experiences.

Interview with Dr. Sian Beilock, President of Barnard College. Learn how one college helps students combat fear and anxiety through mandatory coursework designed to provide context to the big problems we’re facing during this pandemic. We discuss:
  • Dr. Beilock's background
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  • Move to compressed semesters
  • Asynchronous vs. synchronous teaching
  • "Big Problems 2020" and how faculty make meaning out of the current environment
  • "Alumni Circles" helping students
  • Zoom fatigue
  • Student Zoom Preceptors 
  • Women's health in the pandemic 
  • "Feel Well - Do Well" health and fitness program
  • "Student Tutor Corp" to take demand off of faculty and staff
  • How education will change after the pandemic

  • Podsafe music selection
    • Maybe I'm Amazed by Blake Morgan. Licensed cover of the Paul McCartney classic.
Duration: 30:14