Wednesday, February 22, 2006

RPP #3 Recording Podcasts, iTunes U, Tegrity & Blackboard

[Click link above to play this 21 minute podcast]

Topics covered during this podcast:

Friday, February 10, 2006

RPP #2 Finding & Subscribing to Podcasts

Thomas Jefferson University
  • We use Blackboard software for our portal and course management system. We call it ‘Pulse’, that's why this is “Rod’s PULSE Podcast”.
  • Caveat: Jefferson doesn’t officially support podcasting yet.
  • Send feedback using the comment feature on this blog. Send audio feedback and I’ll play your clip.
How I discovered podcasting 1½ years ago
  • Daily Source Code with Adam Curry, the “Pod Father”
  • Now podcasting is like usenet and who wants to hear those people!
Podcast Directories
How to subscribe to this Podcast
  • Via Juice Podcatcher: use this URL
  • Via iTunes (will start your iTunes or go to the iTunes download site)
  • Via Pulse (for Jefferson users only): go to 'My Pulse' / 'Modify Content' / check ‘Rod’s Pulse Podcast’
Online MP3 files vs Podcasts
  • Jefferson Emergence Medicine Lecture Podcast (subscribe via iTunes)
  • Medical Student MP3 Lecture Recordings
Promo: Podcast 411 ( interviews of podcasters)

Friday, February 03, 2006

RPP #1 Introduction to Podcasting

This is my first blog entry and podcast, Rod's Pulse Podcast #1, an introduction to podcasting. This is a brief, 5 1/2 minute show and includes a definition of podcasting from Wikipedia.

Click on the title link above to hear the podcast.

Future shows will discuss:
1) how to subscribe using the Juice podcast receiver and iTunes (see download links to the right)
2) how to create your own podcast
3) reviews of other podcasts relevant to higher education
4) coverage of news about Blackboard

Let me know how it sounds. Hopefully, sound quality and the "production value" will increase as I get more experience with my podcasting tools.

I invite you to leave comments on this blog.