Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RPP #114: Blackboard Mosaic: Interview with David Small

  • Interview: David Small, Mobile Evangelist, Business Operations & Strategy at Blackboard Mobile.
    • We discuss all the new developments at Blackboard's Mobile Division
      • Mosaic: replaces Mobile Central and gives clients more direct access to modify and create new modules for their institution's mobile apps
      • Blackboard Mobile Learn: just released on 8/26, no more skeuomorphism
      • "Polls by Blackboard": coming soon, an alternative to audience response systems, no more clickers
  • Podsafe music selection from Music Alley
    • "Don't Be Long: The Beatles v Elken", a mashup of George Harrison's "Blue Jay Way" by Elken, a 60's influenced band from Dublin, Ireland. 
Duration: 26:27