Tuesday, January 16, 2024

RPP #217: Jerome Pesenti of Sizzle AI

  • This is an audio and YouTube interview with Jerome Pesenti, Founder of Sizzle AI. Jerome discusses his extensive AI background as former VP of IBM Watson and VP of AI for Meta/Facebook. He left Meta after 4 years to start Sizzle. "Sizzle AI is the future of learning - a free AI tutor for everyone." We discuss:
    • Jerome's background in AI and previous startups
      Jerome Pesenti
    • Sizzle's vision for a more personalized and engaging learning experience
    • Current audience of Sizzle (high school, middle school, college)
    • Monetization plans for Sizzle
    • Importance of embracing AI in education while addressing responsibility and regulation
    • Optimism about the future of AI and its role in enhancing productivity
    • Comparison of Sizzle to Khan Academy's AI-powered tutor
    • Technology behind Sizzle, including the use of ChatGPT and tools for complex calculations
    • The user interface of Sizzle, including OCR for word problems and step-by-step solutions
    • Sizzle's aim to provide an enjoyable and engaging learning experience
    • Feedback on homework and personalized learning plans

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      Play YouTube Version

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Duration: 39:48

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