Tuesday, March 19, 2024

RPP #219: Linda Bonnar of Upstrive

  • Interview with Linda Bonnar, Co-founder & Director of Content at Upstrive. "Get stronger results for students, staff, and your school through deeper insights and evidence-based tools." See Video Podcast Version. We discuss:
    • Linda's educational background
      Linda Bonnar
    • Her initiation into incorporating coaching into the classroom
    • The evolution of the Upstrive app
    • Upstrive's targeted demographics: primary, secondary, and higher education
    • Enabling students to anonymously communicate their emotions to teachers via Upstrive
    • Utilization of emojis by students to depict their current mood within Upstrive
    • Enhancement of student and teacher well-being through Upstrive
    • Provision of resources supporting student well-being, such as lesson plans, activities, and videos
    • Challenges encountered in utilizing technology to address student and teacher well-being
    • Linda's vision for the future development of Upstrive
View Video Podcast Version
Duration: 50:19

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