Wednesday, September 08, 2021

RPP #196: Dan Avida of Engageli

Interview with Dan Avida, CEO, and Co-Founder of Engageli. "Engageli's digital learning platform
enables higher-ed institutions to provide educators and learners with an active, social, collaborative, inclusive and engaging learning experience."  We discuss: 
Dan Avida, CEO
  • Background of founders including Dan's wife Daphne Koller,
    co-founder of Coursera
  • Works in class or online (synchronous or asynchronous) and hybrid
  • No need for breakout rooms
  • Student "table" with the group of peers: "Learn with Friends"
  • Students can talk at the same time as the instructor
  • In-class students log in so they can take notes and capture instructors screen
  • In-class student presses button to ask questions - other mics are muted 
  • Polls and quizzes embedded into presentations
  • Recordings, notetaking, captioning built into the platform
  • Integrated with the LMS using LTI
  • Works with Chromebooks - no app to download
  • Video is not re-streamed  
  • Supports thousands of students in a class using TAs  
  • Extensive analytics to detect students at risk 
  • AI and ML coming in a future release

Duration: 40:15

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

COVID-CONVERTED EDITION #6: Interview with Jeff Borden on Education 3.0

This special COVID-Converted Edition audio and video podcast series responds to the impact of COVID-19 on the way we live, learn, and work. Teachers all over the world have been thrown into teaching their "COVID-Converted" courses online. This series will focus on moving from this emergency remote teaching and learning to more thoughtfully prepared learning experiences.

Interview with Jeff BordenChief Academic and VP of Academic Affairs at D2LAccording to Dr. Borden, Education 3.0 entails a confluence of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and education technology, using web-based digital and mobile technology to help students learn efficiently. We discuss:
  • Watch on Youtube
    Jeff's background
  • History of Education 1.0 and 2.0
  • Eric Mazur - Confessions of a converted lecturer
  • What to keep from the pandemic experience - record lectures
  • Neurotransmitters that enhance learning
  • Gamification and creating novelty to enhance learning  
  • "Habitable Worlds" simulation at Arizona State
  • Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve 
  • Drawing enhances learning
  • Community-based portal and student groups reduce drop out
  • Peer instruction and removing class barriers
  • Future of the LMS, and more

Duration: 40:23

Monday, August 02, 2021

RPP #195: Thomas Waite & Steve Mildner of K16 Solutions

Interview with 
Dr. Thomas Waite, CEO, and Steve Mildner, CRO of K16 Solutions. K16's Scaffold Designer is the industry’s first cloud-hosted, fully integrated LMS migration and course development tool that automates manual processes and improves efficiency. "Migrate Course Content. Archive Student Data. Build Better Courses. 
LMS Solutions for Educators by Educators." We discuss: 
  • Thomas and Steve's backgrounds
    Thomas Waite, CEO & Steve Mildner, CRO
  • Mission: course design, LMS migration, and archiving
  • Partners: Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Open LMS
  • Reduced cost of migration between LMSs
  • Global text replacement during migration (LMS name, phone numbers, etc)
  • Migration duration shortened from months to hours
  • No need to run both LMSs during the migration
  • Historical data from legacy LMS archived on the K16 platform for easy retrieval
  • Scaffold solutions for efficient course design  

  • Podsafe music selection
Duration: 50:53

Monday, July 12, 2021

RPP #194: Britt Nichols of ExamSoft

Interview with Britt Nichols, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer of ExamSoft. ExamSoft is a leading provider of educational assessment technology. "Our secure assessment platform allows educators to more efficiently create, administer, grade, and analyze assessments with the goal of improving student performance and streamlining curricular design and accreditation reviews." We discuss:
  • Britt Nichols
    Britt's background 
  • Examsoft: exam maker and reporting platform
  • Examplify: exam taker app 
  • ExamNow: audience response polling
  • ExamID: facial authentication 
  • ExamMonitor: proctoring
  • ExamSCORE: rubric product   
  • ProctorU partnership for authentication and proctoring
  • Turnitin acquisition of Examsoft
  • Future of using data to improve learning outcomes

  • Podsafe music selection
    • 50 Ways to Lose Your Luggage by Robert Lund of the Funny Music Project
Duration: 32:35