Sunday, December 03, 2023

RPP #216 Dan Lenard of World Voices

  • Interview with Dan Lenard, President of World Voices, the only non-profit international industry trade organization for voice actors. We discuss:
    • The importance of finding the right voice to help create engaging elearning courses
      Dan Lenard
    • Voice actors' role in conveying complex information, cultural literacy, and sounding natural
    • Advocating for faculty to enhance teaching skills with a good audio setup, emphasizing a human touch
    • The delicate balance of editing to maintain a natural, human-sounding voice
    • AI voice synthesis, downplaying its threat to professional voice actors
    • Benefits of professional voiceover in higher education, recommending proper recording techniques
    • New classroom technology in lecture capture, wireless body mics  
    • Podcasting basics and the importance of proper recording technique
  • Podsafe music selection
    • "Jingle Bells" by Natalie Brown - soulful vocalist/songwriter with a dynamic, multi-octave vocal range
Duration: 40:10

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

RPP #215 AI-Powered Slide Deck Tools - MagicSlides vs. SlidesGPT

  • In this episode, Rod shares his experience using MagicSlides and SlidesGPT to generate slide decks when he was recruited to teach a new course on podcasting. He notes the pros and cons of AI-generated slides, emphasizing the essential differences between these two generative AI slide tools. In the video version of this podcast, he presents a screencast of how each tool handles the prompt: "What are the pros and cons of AI-generated slides." Rod discusses:
    • Comparisons between MagicSlides and SlidesGPT
      Watch YouTube Version
    • Features and capabilities, including text input, automatic image selection, content conversion, and customization options
    • MagicSlides' ability to generate slide decks from YouTube videos, PDFs, and web pages
    • SlidesGPT's ability to generate speaker notes
    • Pros and cons of using AI-generated slides, including efficiency, time-saving, customization, limited creativity, potential errors, and bias
    • Cost comparison of using these tools
Duration: 22:29

*MagicSlides and SlidesGPT did not pay me for this article. They are not a sponsor, and I paid for my own subscriptions. My links to MagicSlides and Podsqueeze include referral links. If you decide to try them out using those links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the podcast, allowing me to continue providing valuable content. 

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Thursday, August 10, 2023

RPP #214: Jonas Gyalokay of Airtame

  • Interview with Jonas Gyalokay, Co-Founder of Airtame. Airtame is a pioneering force in streamlining wireless screen sharing and powering seamless collaboration. We discuss:
    • Jonas' entrepreneurial journey addressing screen sharing needs
      Jonas Gyalokay

    • Evolution of wireless screen sharing
    • Targeting K-12 and higher education sectors
    • US market entry via successful crowdfunding
    • Streamlining wireless presentation category
    • Goal: Simplifying screen use, eliminating source switching
    • Collaborating with partners for specialized functionalities
    • Overcoming K-12 school engagement challenges
    • Mission: Enhancing seamless collaboration on expansive surfaces
Duration: 42:14

Saturday, July 15, 2023

RPP #213: Cameron Stoker of SpeechCloud

  • Interview with Cameron Stoker, Founder & CEO of SpeechCloud. "SpeechCloud is an all-in-one customizable teaching tool that ends the classroom tech struggle." We discuss:

    • Cameron Stoker, CEO
      Cameron's background and involvement with SpeechCloud
    • Overview of what SpeechCloud does for instructors
    • Features that distinguish SpeechCloud from other products
    • Importance of behavior in teaching and learning
    • Technical aspects of SpeechCloud
    • Compatibility with learning management systems (LMS)
    • Addressing challenges with traditional teaching methods
    • Upcoming features and benefits of SpeechCloud for teachers and students
    • Future development plans and affordability of SpeechCloud
    • Value of a free plan and the importance of user feedback.

  • Interview Transcript

  • Podsafe music selection
Duration 36:50