Wednesday, September 08, 2021

RPP #196: Dan Avida of Engageli

Interview with Dan Avida, CEO, and Co-Founder of Engageli. "Engageli's digital learning platform
enables higher-ed institutions to provide educators and learners with an active, social, collaborative, inclusive and engaging learning experience."  We discuss: 
Dan Avida, CEO
  • Background of founders including Dan's wife Daphne Koller,
    co-founder of Coursera
  • Works in class or online (synchronous or asynchronous) and hybrid
  • No need for breakout rooms
  • Student "table" with the group of peers: "Learn with Friends"
  • Students can talk at the same time as the instructor
  • In-class students log in so they can take notes and capture instructors screen
  • In-class student presses button to ask questions - other mics are muted 
  • Polls and quizzes embedded into presentations
  • Recordings, notetaking, captioning built into the platform
  • Integrated with the LMS using LTI
  • Works with Chromebooks - no app to download
  • Video is not re-streamed  
  • Supports thousands of students in a class using TAs  
  • Extensive analytics to detect students at risk 
  • AI and ML coming in a future release

Duration: 40:15