Monday, November 28, 2022

RPP #207 William Ryan on Flipped Learning

  • Interview with William J. Ryan, Founder & CEO of Ryan Consulting, LLC. We discuss his process that allows learners to interact with instructors and peers to practice, apply and synthesize content in the context of their mutual experience. We discuss:
    • Dr. Ryan's background
      William Ryan, CEO

    • Evolution of web conferencing tools
    • Impact of the pandemic on remote teaching and learning
    • Importance of core instructional design models 
    • Creating time for online social interaction
    • Assimilate, practice, and time for reflection
    • Integrating Zoom with the LMS
    • Simplifying and reducing PPT presentations   
    • Don't use polls; just ask questions or use a chat
    • Upper limits of online class size, and more
Duration: 41:02