Wednesday, December 02, 2015

RPP #137: ProctorU - Interview with Don Kassner

Don Kassner, CEO
  • We answer these questions:
    • Why do Universities need identity management and authentication and remote proctoring?
    • How does ProctorU and UCard work?
    • What kinds of biometrics do you use?
    • How reliable are biometrics?
    • Can clients use ProctorU for large scale simultaneous use in testing centers?
Duration: 24:30

Friday, October 23, 2015

RPP #136: ApprenNet: Interview with Paul Freedman, CEO

Duration: 27:19

Friday, September 18, 2015

RPP #135: Disruptive Innovation in Education: Interview with Michelle Weise

  • Podsafe music selection from Music Alley
    • Too Long by Yael Naim, acclaimed singer/songwriter from Israel. She gained fame when her song New Soul played during Apple's Macbook Air ad campaign
    Duration: 39:33

    Monday, August 17, 2015

    RPP #134: Bb World 2015 Recap: SaaS vs Ultra

    • Rod discusses his experience at Bb World 2015, especially what he learned about the new SaaS offerings and Ultra Experience. Listen to the audio podcast as usual or listen and watch accompanying slides via Youtube. 
    • Thanks go to Jim Chalex, Sr. Director of Product Management, and Greg Ritter, Product Management Director at Blackboard Inc, for their BbWorld presentations on this topic. I hope I got it right!

    View Rod's #bbworld15 Tweets
      • SaaS vs Ultra
      • Bb Learn 9.1 & Ultra Roadmaps
      • Bb Collaborate Ultra Roadmap
      • Bb Mobile Ultra Roadmap
      • New Persona-based Apps
      • Benefits of SaaS
      • SaaS: Standard, Plus & Advantage
      • Transition and Migration Options
      • Ultra Tabs and Modules
      • Blackboard up for sale!
      • Podsafe music selection from Music Alley
        • Don't Be Long: The Beatles v Elken, a mashup of George Harrison's Blue Jay Way by Elken, a 60's influenced band from Dublin, Ireland. 
      Duration: 21:58

      Tuesday, July 14, 2015

      RPP #133: Blackboard Ultra: Interview with Mark Strassman

      • Interview with Mark Strassman, Senior Vice President, Industry and Product Management, Blackboard Inc.
        • Mark Strassman oversees the company's product and integrated
          portfolio strategy to ensure Blackboard continues to build solutions that serve institutions, administrators, educators and students. 
        • We discuss the new Blackboard Ultra:
          • What are Core, Essentials, Insight, Student Retention?
          • What is the update roadmap for hosted systems?
          • Versions of Ultra SaaS, multi-tenant, single-tenant
          • New web REST API
          • Is Ultra completely adaptive/responsive? 
          • New Bb Student app
          • Ultra workflows subset for Community
          • Mobile compatibility; adaptive design
          • Future of Mosaic
          • "Persona Apps" 
          • New Collaborate Ultra
        • Links
        • Podsafe Music Selection
        • Duration: 35:26

        Thursday, May 28, 2015

        RPP #132: D2L Brightspace - Interview with John Baker, CEO, D2L

        • Interview with John Baker, CEO, D2L
          D2L (formerly Desire2Learn) announced the next generation of its learning platform, Brightspace. By featuring a new faculty user experience and bringing adaptive learning to the masses, D2L says that Brightspace is more flexible, smarter, and easier to use.
          • We discuss D2L and their next generation LMS, Brightspace
          • We answer the questions:
            • Does it replace "legacy" D2L?
            • What is adaptive learning and LeaP?
            • What features can be used in-class?
            • What about student retention support and e-portfolios?
            • What's the new faculty UI?
            • How is it delivered? Multi-tenant Cloud? Hosted? On premise?
            • Podsafe music selection from Music Alley
              • "Fly Fly Fly" by singer/song writer Adrina Thorpe - Influenced by Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos, and Coldplay
          Duration: 27:12

          Tuesday, April 21, 2015

          RPP #131: Echo360 Active Learning Platform - Interview with Greg Golkin

          Duration: 29:55

          Monday, March 30, 2015

          RPP #130: Learn to Code

            • Learn Coding
              • Bento - A guided tour through curated, free coding tutorials on the web.
              • - Offers a number of excellent free beginner’s tutorials for learning how to code.
              • Code Academy - Learn to code in HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails for free.
              • Code School - Learn By Doing. No setup. No hassle. Just learning.
              • Girls Who Code - To inspire, educate, and equip girls with computing skills.
              • Khan Academy - Program drawings, animations, games and web pages.
              • SkillCrush - Become a Ruby-on-Rails developer.
              • Thinkful - With 1-on-1 mentorship from industry experts.
              • Udemy - Your place to learn real world skills online.
              • w3Schools - Teach yourself for free.
          Duration: 20:58

          Friday, February 13, 2015

          RPP #129: Interview: Bryan Alexander on the Future of Higher Ed

          • Interview with Bryan Alexander, educator, futurist, speaker, writer, and senior researcher for the New Media Consortium (NMC). We discuss the future of higher education.
            • Education Contexts
              • Changes in international education, demographics, enrollment decline, education for seniors
            • Technology
              • 3d printing, Internet of Things, social media, augmented reality, cloud computing, digital video, alternative means of education, makerspaces
            • Education Issues
              • Too much testing
              • Carnegie Unit vs competency based advancement
              • ePortfolios
              • the LMS dark web
              • adjunctification of higher ed
              • online education
              • Creative Commons
              • open education

          Tuesday, January 20, 2015

          RPP #128: Highlights from PADLA Annual Distance / e-Learning / Ed Tech Conference & Expo

          Duration: 27:28