Thursday, September 07, 2017

RPP #157: Blackboard Roadmap - Interview with Jim Chalex

  • Interview with Jim Chalex, Vice President of Product Management at Blackboard Inc. We discuss the Blackboard Learn product roadmap. What are the various "flavors" of Blackboard Learn and how will they evolve over the next couple of years? We discuss:
    • Experiences / Course Views: Original, Ultra
      Jim Chalex, Blackboard VP
    • Deployments: Self-Hosted, Managed Hosted, SaaS
    • Mobility: Responsive web design vs new native apps
    • We answer the questions:
      • How many clients have deployed SaaS, both Original (9.1) and Ultra?
      • What are some of the new features and when will they be available?
        • Workflow improvements 
        • Inline Grading Update 
        • Responsive design optimization 
        • Embedded analytics
        • Integrated audio and video 
        • Cloud storage integration 
        • Attendance tracking
        • Community (aka Portal) functions in Ultra  
    • Blackboard Roadmap Slides based on Jim's BbWorld17 Presentation:
Duration: 34:44