Wednesday, December 21, 2016

RPP #149: Teaching in a Digital Age - Interview with Tony Bates

  • Interview with Dr. Tony Bates, CEO of Tony Bates Associates Ltd and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University. Tony was the former Director of Distance Education and Technology at the University of British Columbia. We discuss the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in an age of technology: 
    • New skills needed in our digital age
    • Explicit skills, knowledge management, critical thinking, independent learning
    • Preparing faculty for teaching
    • Move toward team teaching
    • Role of publishers
    • Collaborative learning
    • Communities of practice
    • Agile design applied to teaching/learning
    • Future of MOOCs after the hype
    • Most important trends for education 5-10 years out
    • Links
    • Podsafe music selection
    Duration: 38:33