Friday, September 21, 2018

RPP #169: Harvard Innovation labs - Interview with Jodi Goldstein

  • Interview with Jodi Goldstein, Executive Director at Harvard Innovation Labs, a three-lab ecosystem that supports Harvard students, alumni and faculty in exploring innovation and entrepreneurship. We discuss:
    Jodi Goldstein
    Executive Director
    • The Harvard iLab, Launch Lab X, and Harvard Life Lab
    • How these innovation centers supplement the academic curriculum with experiential learning
    • Strategies that universities can use to effectively support students in their entrepreneurial endeavors
    • Success stories: 
      • Vaxess Technologies - transports vaccines without refrigeration
      • Rapid SOS - links devices to 911 and first responders
      • ArtLifting - ecommerce platform to sell art by the homeless and disabled
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Duration: 33:54