Wednesday, August 16, 2017

RPP #156: Glisser - Interview with Michael Piddock

  • Interview with Michael Piddock, CEO and Founder of Glisser. Glisser is a unique audience response system that shares presentation slides to mobile devices in real-time and uses polling and Q&A to make live events and the classroom interactive. We discuss:
    Michael Piddock, CEO & Founder
    • How Glisser got started
    • How you use Glisser audience response
    • Limits of the free version
    • Key features of Glisser
      • Live Polling
      • Live Slide Sharing
      • Audience Q&A backchannel
      • Twitter Wall for events
      • Web platform, no plugin required
      • Participant note taking
      • Downloading slides
      • Translated captions (coming soon)
  • Podsafe Music Selection
Duration: 33:30