Friday, July 25, 2008

RPP #70: Blackboard World Interview: Blending Blackboard and Second Life, and Podsafe Summertime

    • Interview with Mauri Collins, DEd, Instructional Designer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
      • Dr. Collins is also an adjunct assistant professor at Boise State University, where she co-teaches an innovative course: Teaching and Learning in Second Life. She has been involved with computer-mediated communication since 1987 and worked in distance education since 1992.
      • Her presentation shared teacher and learner experiences for those who plan to teach using Second Life.
    • Second Life and Learning Spaces
      • "it's not just pixels on a screen"
      • "Testicle in the Sky" (Slurl) by DrDoug Pennell (SL) aka Dr. Douglas R. Danforth of Ohio State University
      • "Prim" - primitives, basic building blocks in SL
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Duration: 24:22