Wednesday, May 31, 2023

RPP #212: Darren Catalano of HelioCampus

  • Interview with Darren Catalano, CEO of HelioCampus. "HelioCampus powers the data insights of the most forward-thinking colleges and universities to make their strategic mission and vision a reality." We discuss:

    Darren Catalano, CEO
    • Data analytics for decision-making and stakeholder requests.
    • Enrollment forecasting, student risk scoring.
    • Empathetic outreach: at-risk students.
    • Assessment, credentialing, financial intelligence solutions.
    • Data-driven decisions in admissions and financial aid.
    • Pricing strategies, generative AI integration.
    • Holistic approach for mission and financial sustainability.

  • Interview Transcript (Beta)

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                    Duration: 45:58