Thursday, April 20, 2023

RPP #211: Rob Abel of 1EdTech (aka IMS Global Consortium)

  • Interview with Rob Abel, CEO of 1EdTech Consortium (formerly IMS Global Learning Consortium). 1EdTech is "focused on expanding access to edtech innovation in support of breakthrough and evolving educational models in K-12, Higher Ed, and corporate education." We discuss
    • Rob's background
      Rob Abel
    • IMS Global transition to 1EdTech
    • Growth of membership
    • Standards, certifications, code libraries, reference implementations
    • Trusted app ecosystem 
    • Digital credentials
    • Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)
    • ~900 members
    • Open Badges (formerly from Mozilla)
    • Blockchain
    • Digital micro-credentials 
    • Richer transcripts
    • Alumni offerings

  • 1EdTech Learning Impact Conference in Anaheim, CA - June 5-8
  • Podsafe music selection
    • Air on G String by J.S. Bach performed by UK’s Brunswick Duo
Duration: 46:16