Tuesday, November 21, 2017

RPP #159: AEFIS - Interview with Mustafa Sualp

  • Interview with Mustafa Sualp, CEO and Founder, AEFIS, LLC. AEFIS is an integrated assessment management platform. We discuss the range of management tools, such as
      • Syllabus Management
        Mustafa Sualp
        Founder & CEO
      • Assessment and Outcomes Management
      • Program Managment
      • Course Evaluations
      • Strategic Planning
    • What changes in HiEd stimulated the need for AEFIS?
    • What problem does AEFIS solve? 
    • How does AEFIS automate tasks?
    • How long does it take to implement?
    • How does it integrate with other tools, SIS, LMS?
    • How does it compare with competing assessment solutions?
    • How is it deployed, local, SaaS?
Duration: 39:32