Monday, October 23, 2017

RPP #158: StudyTree - Interview with Ethan Keiser

  • Interview with Ethan Keiser, CEO of StudyTree
    • We discuss how StudyTree integrates academic support services with artificial intelligence to provide students with a mobile automated academic assistant. StudyTree analyzes students’ grades and behavioral patterns to construct customized recommendations to improve their academic performance. 
      Ethan Keiser, CEO
    • We answer the questions:
      • How does the StudyTree app work?
      • How is AI used in the app?
      • How does it work with STEM and Humanities?
      • How do you form cooperative study groups?
      • How does it compare to live coaching?
      • How does it integrate with the LMS?
      • Who is using it now?
      • What is the ROI for the student/institution
Duration: 34:23