Sunday, March 20, 2022

RPP #201 Don Kassner of MonitorEDU

  • Interview with Don Kassner, President and Founder of MonitorEDU. MonitorEDU is a leading provider of high-stakes remote proctoring using live proctors based in North America. We discuss: 
    • Don's background and history of MonitorEDU
      Don Kassner
    • Proctoring changes brought about by Covid
    • Efficiency of live proctoring over AI-generated flags
    • Chat translation and foreign language proctors
    • Ramping up for peak exam times  
    • Student identity verification
    • Monitoring proctor performance
    • Security related to exam software
    • Partnerships with testing platforms
    • Invigil record and review system
    • Proctoring oral exams
    • Automated proctoring

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Duration: 47:25