Monday, October 08, 2012

RPP #106: ApprenNet: Interview with Karl Okamoto & Emily Foote on LawMeet MOOC

  • Interview with Karl Okamoto and Emily Foote, co-founders of ApprenNet LLC.

    Online LawMeets® leverage the ApprenNet platform to bring a community of lawyers together in order to foster knowledge sharing without the high costs that traditional apprenticeships entail. Online LawMeets offer the ability to scale significant predictors of skills acquisition, including: observation, social capital and mentorship.
    • They answer the questions:
      • What is a traditional law ‘Meet’
      • What is a MOOC?
      • How do you use a MOOC to simulate an apprenticeship?
      • How does LawMeets work?
      • Can anyone use ApprenNet?
  • Podsafe Music Selection from the Music Alley
Duration: 22:39