Friday, December 05, 2008

RPP #76: Interview with Dr. Bobbe Baggio on Learning Meta-Trends

  • Interview with Dr. Bobbe Baggio, Director of the Graduate Program in Instructional Technology Management at LaSalle University and CEO of Advantage Learning Technologies, Inc.
    • Dr. Baggio is a recognized expert in applying psychology and neuroscience to the design of instruction and learning materials
    • We discussed the 7 meta-trends for the future of learning:
      1. Technology is improving, continuing to evolve but it alone does not make a difference in the learning.
      2. The paradigm for what we call learning is dramatically changing.
      3. Learner participation, whether with Web 2.0 tools, grassroots video or virtual communities, is extremely important.
      4. Our boundaries are going away, so anywhere, anytime, ubiquitous learning is increasing.
      5. Portable content that is accessible and usable is powerful.
      6. Connecting people through the network has expanded, and tools that recognize connections will make these connections richer and more fluid. Intelligent searching has eclipsed the need for metadata and tags (SCORM is dead) and mashups are in.
      7. 3D representations like 2nd Life and Peoplesburg are growing and finding their way into research, training and learning circles rapidly.
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Duration: 33:37