Friday, June 01, 2007

RPP #43: Blackboard Support, Top Six Reasons to Podcast and Podsafe Mamas and Papas

Topics covered during this 15 minute podcast:
  • Blackboard Faculty Support Group
    • Podcast/Blog by Bill Vilberg - Associate Director of Instructional Advancement, University of Miami
    • In Bill's interview with Carolyn Thomas, Blackboard Academic Program Manager at UT Austin, she tells how they are planning to use Second Life
    • Rod will be contributing to Bill's presentation on "Sharing Our Knowledge: The BbFS Podcast Series" at the upcoming Blackboard World '07 in Boston this July
  • The Top Six Reasons to Podcast at a University
    • Podcast/Blog by Jeffrey Frey - with a Focus on Podcasting Technology Questions
    • Jeff is the Web Services Manager for Enterprise Applications in the Information Technology Department at Rice University and provides technology solutions for faculty, staff and students


Anonymous said...

I'm responding to BbFS 20 Carolyn Thomas, Univ. of Texas at Austin, which is accessed from the Second Life link on this page. Some helpful ideas (which are at the end of this 35 min. podcast): First, much insight can be gained about teaching and learning when you experience a completely new technological tool, as a "newbie." This is because over time, we have learned so much about using technology that we forget what it was like when we were first learning. Thus (speaking for myself here, but it probably applies to others), it's easy to become desensitized to the needs of students unfamiliar with the technology that is second nature to us. Like Carolyn Thomas, I have had a similar experience learning about how to use Second Life as a virtual environment for teaching. I found that I really needed a reminder about what it's like to learn something new! I encourage all to explore Second Life for this purpose and many others--such as its useful for meeting people around the world, as well as scheduling virtual group meetings for existing contacts (also mentioned by Carolyn in the podcast). A great source for learning more about Second Life is YouTube--there are many videos about it, some are instructional (how to do things in SL). A good place to start is NMC's "Seriously Engaging," located at: or search for the title.

Pete Smith said...


Just a quick email to say hi.

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