Friday, May 26, 2006

RPP #17 Podcasting News, EdTechTalk Promo and iTunes U Update

Topics covered during this 29 minute podcast:

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Anonymous said...

Rod - Thanks for this very incisive update on the pros and cons of iTunes U. Your comments helped galvanize our interest in Apple's program as perhaps the smoothest way to publicly/privately distribute various course and campus podcasts. The interface and access control management seem particularly nice compared to other options we've looked at. We are thinking that, along with the display of show info in the iTunes interface, we will play around with dynamically exporting the current song list from iTunes to repurpose it on our own webpages. That way we can supplement what's presented in some cases. It remains to be seen if/how we can tie this to Blackboard. I'll be really curious to see what other schools do in that area. Something's coming, I'm sure!

Thanks again, and looking forward to your next podcast.

Liz E.