Wednesday, February 22, 2006

RPP #3 Recording Podcasts, iTunes U, Tegrity & Blackboard

[Click link above to play this 21 minute podcast]

Topics covered during this podcast:


Anonymous said...

This was my first exposure to podcasting, and I found it interesting and informative. It was helpful in gaining a perspective on how podcasting may be used for education.
One thing that struck me was how difficult it was for me to listen to the whole thing--even though I am interested in the topic! I am not sure why this is. Maybe it is because I have come to expect brief exposure when I access web content: brief videos, click and get to where I want to go next instantly, etc. It made me wonder if students might have the same reaction to podcasts I develop for my courses, and what guidelines I should use--or could develop--by implementing and obtaining feedback from students.
I was also struck by how much the podcast resembled a radio broadcast (perhaps that is the intention). This informal, chatty style was appealing to me, as I think it might be to students also.

Rodney B. Murray said...


I really appreciate your feedback.

You make some very valid points. Imagine student’s listening to 50 minute lectures without the benefit of seeing the blackboard or PowerPoint, but apparently our medical students do. They have been capturing very poor quality audio files for almost two years now and uploading them to Pulse. I have no idea how much they are actually used but that would be a very interesting statistic to get.

Podcasting is still evolving and one feature that may come is the ability for the listener to bookmark sections of a long podcast. Of course, you can always come back to a given podcast and move the slider forward to begin listening from where you left off – albeit not a very user friendly interface. Perhaps I should break up my podcasts into shorter ones focused on only one or two topics.

Video podcasts are also possible now but that topic is a bit down the road for me, though you can certainly subscribe to other video-casts using iTunes.

Here at Jefferson, I’d like to build support among faculty and administration for purchasing a commercial product that would integrate faculty lectures including voice, PowerPoint screen capture and even video into Blackboard (Pulse). This would be a terrific platform for offering more distance learning opportunities. There are two industry leaders in this area that I will be reviewing next week at the Blackboard Users Conference. Stay tuned!