Friday, March 20, 2020

RPP #184: Bongo - Interview with Josh Kamrath

  • Interview with Josh Kamrath, CEO of Bongo. Bongo offers Video Assignments and a Virtual Classroom that power experiential learning, assessment, and feedback. We discuss:
    • Josh's background and evolution of Bongo
      Josh Kamrath, CEO
    • How did Bongo get started
    • Not just web conferencing
    • Putting knowledge into action
    • Structured video assignment workflows 
    • Peer review and assessment  
    • Auto-analysis using AI and machine learning  
    • Integration with the LMS
    • How they are different from competitors
    • Sentiment analysis in the development pipeline
    • Podsafe music selection
    Duration: 37:17

    Wednesday, February 05, 2020

    RPP #183: Academia Next with Bryan Alexander

    • This special edition is a wide-ranging talk with Bryan Alexander, author of Academia Next, about the futures of higher education. Bryan is a futurist, researcher, speaker, and educator. His focus is on the future of higher education, especially under the impact of technology. We discuss:

      Dr. Bryan Alexander
      • Teaching at Georgetown U
      • His new book, Academia Next
      • EDU scenarios in 2035 and longer
      • Technologies with largest impact
      • Next-gen learning environment
      • Mixed/extended reality
      • Gamification
      • Technopanic
      • Open education
      • Influence of science fiction
      • Quantum computing
      • Geriatrics
      • Social trends
      • Policies and politics
      • Cyberwarfare
      • Future jobs
    Duration: 46:16