Tuesday, January 17, 2023

RPP #208 Guillermo Elizondo of Territorium

  • Interview with Guillermo Elizondo, CEO of Territorium. "AI-powered competency records for 21st-century learners and employers with over 10 million users worldwide." We discuss:
    • Guillermo's background and history of Territorium
      Guillermo Elizondo, CEO

    • Received college credit for building the first App 
    • Define and track competencies currently required by employers
    • Measure employability, retention, and engagement
    • Capture learning inside and outside of the classroom
    • 1EdTech(formerly IMS)-certified comprehensive learner record
    • Portable digital Skills wallet powered by blockchain
    • Blockchain validated credentials
    • LMS integration 
    • AI for mapping outcomes to job market requirements
    • AI career recommendation engine 
    • Coaching institutions to improve curricula
    • CareerBit mobile app, like FitBit for careers
  • Podsafe music selection
    • Vivaldi: Concerto No. 4 in G Minor “Winter” (Allegro movement) from The Four Seasons by the American Baroque Orchestra.
Duration: 36:01

Monday, November 28, 2022

RPP #207 William Ryan on Flipped Learning

  • Interview with William J. Ryan, Founder & CEO of Ryan Consulting, LLC. We discuss his process that allows learners to interact with instructors and peers to practice, apply and synthesize content in the context of their mutual experience. We discuss:
    • Dr. Ryan's background
      William Ryan, CEO

    • Evolution of web conferencing tools
    • Impact of the pandemic on remote teaching and learning
    • Importance of core instructional design models 
    • Creating time for online social interaction
    • Assimilate, practice, and time for reflection
    • Integrating Zoom with the LMS
    • Simplifying and reducing PPT presentations   
    • Don't use polls; just ask questions or use a chat
    • Upper limits of online class size, and more
Duration: 41:02

Saturday, October 22, 2022

RPP #206 Jeffrey Katzman of Core Learning Exchange

  • Interview with Jeffrey Katzman, Founder and CEO of Core Learning Exchange. "Core Learning Exchange (Core-LX) prepares students for postsecondary success, including attaining industry-recognized certifications and credentials." We discuss:
    • Jeffrey's background
      Jeffrey Katzman, CEO

    • History of Core-LX
    • Mastery-based instructional model using badges
    • Micro-learning playlists using video, simulations, readings, assessments 
    • Career and technical education (CTE)
    • Over 300 courses for grade 6 through community college
    • Industry recognized certifications
    • Impact of Covid on lack of skilled workers and qualified teachers
    • Life-long learning and building portfolio of skills
    • Awarded National Catalyzed Challenge Grant
    • Motto: "Natively Digital for Digital Natives"
    • Using AI to extract assessment items from text
    • Core-LX LMS ties into school Student Information System 
    • Hot topics: AI, robotics, logistics

  • AI Tools
Duration: 35:30

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

RPP #205 Kimberley Timpf - AlcoholEDU by Vector Solutions

  • Interview with Kimberley Timpf, Senior Director of Impact, Vector Solutions. We discuss their AlcoholEdu program. "AlcoholEdu is an evidence-based training designed to prevent risky drinking and other drug use on campus and help students better reach their academic, professional, and personal goals."
    • Kimberley's background
      Kimberley Timpf
    • History of Vector Solutions and AlcoholEdu
    • Drinking and drug use on campus
    • Impact of Covid   
    • Emotional and physical effects of alcohol, cannabis,
      and e-cigarette use
    • Video-based scenarios to coach students on bystander
       intervention techniques
    • Support and reinforce the decisions of students who
      choose not to drink in college
    • Randomized controlled trials prove the efficacy of
Duration: 41:05