Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RPP #144: ExamSoft - Interview with Jason Gad

  • Interview with Jason Gad, Vice President of Business Development, ExamSoft Worldwide Inc.
    • We answer the questions:
      • How does Examsoft work?
        Jason Gad
      • What are advantages over online LMS exams?
      • Does it work with Scantron-type paper exams?
      • Can exams be proctored?
      • Do exams work on all smart phones and tablets?
      • What happens if the Internet connection fails?
      • Can you map questions to learning objectives?
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Duration: 36:33

Thursday, June 16, 2016

RPP #143: Knewton Personalized Learning - Interview with Jason Jordan

  • Interview with Jason Jordan, Vice President for Higher Ed Markets at Knewton
    • We answer the questions:
    • Jason Jordan, VP for Higher Ed Markets
      • What is adaptive or personalized learning?
      • How does Knewton work?
      • Is it a tool kit or prepackaged content?
      • Is Knewton used for more than math?
      • How is crowd-sourced data used?
      • Is Knewton used for corporate or competency/mastery based education?
      • What higher ed challenges can Knewton help solve?
      • What's in the future for Knewton?
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Duration: 23:47

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

RPP #142: 10th Anniversary Edition - Podcasting 101

    In this special 10th Anniversary Edition, Rod highlights some of the more interesting aspects of podcasting history, his particular podcasting story and gives tips on how to do your own podcast.

    Brief History of Podcasting

    Podcasting 101 
    Podcasting Concept Map

      Duration: 32:17