Thursday, September 12, 2019

RPP #180: Learning Technology Entrepreneurs

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  • This special podcast is a recording of a panel discussion, Learning Technology Entrepreneurs: Case Studies from Concept to Market. This was recorded at a unique joint meeting of the PA/DE/NJ Distance Learning Association and the Venture CafĂ© located in the University City Science Center in Philadelphia, PA. The meeting featured a moderated panel discussion of Learning Technology Entrepreneurs sharing their personal journeys from initial concept to bringing their product/service to the learning marketplace.
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    • "Fly Fly Fly" by singer/songwriter Adrina Thorpe - Influenced by Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos, and Coldplay
Duration: 56:55

Thursday, August 22, 2019

RPP #179: Yoda AI Bot - Interview with Anjli Jain

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  • Interview with Anjli Jain, founder of Unifyed. We discuss Yoda, their AI-powered Bot with SIS and LMS integration that automates responses to student and faculty frequently asked questions such as: How much do I owe? I forgot my password, can you reset it? How do I enter grades? We discuss:
    Anjli Jain / Unifyed
    • The genesis of Yoda
    • The digital campus, a GUI-less experience
    • Yoda for whole student lifecycle FAQ help 
    • Voice accounts for 60% of help interactions
    • Multiple communication modes
    • How Yoda authenticates users and hands-off to human helpers
    • How AI is used in Yoda
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Duration: 37:14

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

RPP #178: K16 Solutions - Interview with Thomas Waite

  • Interview with Dr. Thomas Waite, CEO of K16 Solutions. K16's Scaffold Designer is the industry’s first cloud-hosted, fully-integrated course development tool that automates manual processes and improves efficiency for instructional designers and faculty. Scaffold products are integrated with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, and Sakai. We discuss: 
    • Background of Dr. Waite and history of K16 Solutions
      • Scaffold Designer and Scaffold Migration
      • Migrate or rebuild courses
      • Migration tool for most LMSs
      • Customers including K12 and OPMs (Online Program Management Companies)
      • Working in elearning ecosystems as opposed to LMSs
      • AI, machine learning and algorithms
      • New Scaffold Faculties, a faculty management system
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    Duration: 35:08

    Monday, June 17, 2019

    RPP #177: The Future of Learning Platforms: Perspectives from LMS Vendors

    • These questions were asked:
      • What will be the most different about the LMS in 5 years?
      • What will not change in the LMS after 5 years?
      • Will the instructional designer be more important than the instructor?
      • What hasn't worked regarding the effort to have data inform the LMS experience?
      • What about the "dark underbelly" of data, privacy, and misuse of data?
      • What hasn't worked with student personalization, and what will the future bring?
      • Do the needs of accreditation conflict with student personalization?
      • What will be the impact of blockchain, voice control, and machine learning?
      • What are the biggest hurdles to adopting a new LMS?
      • How do you deal with shortened student attention span?
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    Duration: 53:12