Thursday, September 22, 2016

RPP #146: Autodesk Education - Interview with Randy Swearer

Duration: 33:22

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RPP #145: DubLabs - Interview with Tony Orlando

  • Interview with Tony Orlando, CEO of DubLabs, LLC on how mobile apps from DubLabs "Unifies student mobility and increases engagement to improve performance and retention."
    • We answer the questions:
      Tony Orlando, CEO
      • What does DubLabs do?
      • How are mobile apps developed?
      • How do apps increase student engagement and improve performance & retention?
      • How are they integrated with university systems?
      • What kind of modules are supported?
      • What mobile platforms are supported?
      • How long does it take to implement?
      • Who is responsible for managing the store (iTunes & Google Play)
      • How often does one have to upload a new build?
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  • Podsafe music selection from Music Alley
    • Air on G String by J.S. Bach performed by UK’s Brunswick Duo
Duration: 24:18

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RPP #144: ExamSoft - Interview with Jason Gad

  • Interview with Jason Gad, Vice President of Business Development, ExamSoft Worldwide Inc.
    • We answer the questions:
      • How does Examsoft work?
        Jason Gad
      • What are advantages over online LMS exams?
      • Does it work with Scantron-type paper exams?
      • Can exams be proctored?
      • Do exams work on all smart phones and tablets?
      • What happens if the Internet connection fails?
      • Can you map questions to learning objectives?
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  • Podsafe music selection 
Duration: 36:33

Thursday, June 16, 2016

RPP #143: Knewton Personalized Learning - Interview with Jason Jordan

  • Interview with Jason Jordan, Vice President for Higher Ed Markets at Knewton
    • We answer the questions:
    • Jason Jordan, VP for Higher Ed Markets
      • What is adaptive or personalized learning?
      • How does Knewton work?
      • Is it a tool kit or prepackaged content?
      • Is Knewton used for more than math?
      • How is crowd-sourced data used?
      • Is Knewton used for corporate or competency/mastery based education?
      • What higher ed challenges can Knewton help solve?
      • What's in the future for Knewton?
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  • Podsafe music selection
Duration: 23:47